Magic is the main form of combat for Mages and Tenshis. Though some magic can only be used by Tenshis because of the amount of energy required.


Magic flows though something called a spirit vien. Spirit viens are created when the physical spirit of something is connected to the world's spirit resulting in another spirit known as a Magic Spirit in which the spirit vien is connected to. Being able to use magic requires an enormous amount of concentration and a strong mind. It can be born with someone or learned.


There are 3 main classifications of magic

  • Holder Magic- Magic from an item or weapon fused with a Magic Spirit
  • Caster Magic- Magic from the body
  • God Magic- Magic only capable of being handled by Tenshis. God magic is magic the is very powerful and can kill someone if used by them. Tenshis have a bigger Magic Spirit which allows them to wield such power.

Another type of magic is Hidden Magic. This magic is from ancient times or purposely destroyed because of the evil intents others had or side effects. Users of this magic is rarely seen.

Magic can also be cursed upon others known as Cursed Magic. Cursed Magic is magic that has been cursed or altered by having side effects such as death on the user. Some can be removed but others can not. This magic is usually found cursed on the Umano because they don't have a way to lock the spell. When it is casted on someone without a Spirit vien the power can result in death or the spirit is forced to be connected. 75% will live.

Why do people curse magic and put it on others? I don't even know.

Types of MagicEdit